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"I promise to attend every court date & answer every phone call." - Attorney Josh Hale

"Josh Hale was a life saver for me. When I got taken to jail not knowing what was going on or how long I would be in there with NO BAIL. And my boyfriend found this amazing attorney Josh Hale..." read more testimonials

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Welcome to Hale Law Group

Joshua Hale is a caring and compassionate attorney who has handled criminal law, DUI, family, small business, and many other areas of law.

Mr. Hale grew up in central Ohio, and graduated from Newark High School. His immediate family consists of World War II veterans, Korean War Veterans, and veterans of the Army, Navy, and Marines. His military family persuaded him to attain an education. Upon graduation from high school he entered college at, Ohio University, the oldest University in Ohio, and ninth oldest public University in the United States. While believing an education is very important, Mr. Hale still identifies with his military roots, and values the lessons instilled by his family. During university Mr. Hale participated in study abroad programs, and lived in and worked in such locales as Holland, Scotland, Hong Kong, and Mexico, among others. For this reason he has a firm basis of knowledge on both local and international affairs.

After University Mr. Hale worked in the telecommunications industry for several years. It was ultimately working in front of a computer that led Mr. Hale to decide to attend law school, he wanted to be able to have a more direct impact on his clients than a computer would allow. While attending Golden Gate university School of Law, Mr. Hale attained two certificates of specialization in International Law and Intellectual Property, and graduated with distinction. He was also able to complete law school in two and a half years, which is very rare. He did this with a zest for the law and a keen interest in becoming a lawyer so he could help people.

If you are now looking for a lawyer, one piece of advice: Trust your lawyer, know your lawyer. When you talk to some firms, you never talk to a lawyer until after you have hired the firm. You will always have access to your lawyer at Hale Law Group, from start to finish. Mr. Hale has excelled scholastically, in his practice, and in all areas of life. Don’t you deserve to feel you are getting the best for your money? Who wants good enough, when you can be with who you feel is the best?

Don’t settle for less, talk to an attorney that is aggressive and caring. Mr. Hale has experience dealing with hundreds of matters in California, Southern and Northern. He has a good working relationship with other defense counsel, prosecutors, and judges, which gives him the ability to work professionally and courteously with all the parties in this process. His experience in International business and transactions speaks volumes. Do not leave your case in less capable hands. He also has extensive experience in administrative, immigration, and international law.  Do not leave your case in hands less caring. Hale Law Group is a firm that is caring and capable, and has your best interests at heart at all times.

A few words from Mr. Hale:

I always have, and always will fight for my clients, and will do so for you. I work with many other attorneys that trust me with their client matters, and directly with their clients. The best attorneys (in my opinion) in California trust me, I believe this is because they understand my work ethic, my legal ability, and my willingness to throw myself into my own client matters.

My past experience in court and with my clients is overwhelmingly positive. I have worked with some of the world’s largest companies including AT&T, SBC, Cable & Wireless, Chrysler, Hong Kong Telecom, Pacific Century Cyberworks, and the YMCA. My experience has taught me some very valuable lessons. EACH client has my word, they will never be treated like a number.

Each client will always be treated as our most important asset, with respect, and given logical thought-out answers to their questions. Most importantly, as my family has always told me, “A job worth doing, is worth doing well.”

By Josh Hale

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